ENG #EVENT- Event Materials in the #Coding4Fun event for #GapAnd2015


Today was a great day, and we enjoyed a lot with tons of Friends in the Geek-A-Palooza event. So to all the people involved THANKS A LOT !!!

As always, is a great placer to meet old Friends and to make new ones. Now is time to share slides and source code


And some house cleaning

– The USB MAIL device I used, is similar to this one (link), you can find this cheaper if you search online

– The Heart Rate sensor I used in the Bluetooth LE demo is this one (link)

– The โ€œquiet droneโ€ Connected with BLE with Windows 10 build 10159 (it should fly!!!) is Parrot Rolling Spider (link)

o As son as I get some Solution for the issue with BLE and Windows 10 Iโ€™ll create and upload a video

o Iโ€™ll Upgrade to Windows 10 build 10162 and Iโ€™ll try again

Saludos @ Andorra

/El Bruno


โ€“ USB Email, http://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/USB-Webmail-Notifer-USB-Webmail-Web-Mail-E-mail-Notifier-Light-for-PC-Laptop-Computer/1292922_32273404408.html

โ€“ Parrot Rolling Spider, www.parrot.com/products/rolling-spider/

โ€“ Polar Heart Rate Sensor H7, http://www.polar.com/us-en/products/accessories/H7_heart_rate_sensor

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