[#VS2013] HowTo: Use debugging features in #Arduino with #VisualMicro


For a while, I’ve been using VisualMicro as an alternative to the Arduino IDE to create sketches directly in Visual Studio 2013. After the MVP Open Day of a few days ago, someone asked me If working with Visual Micro and Arduino we have a 100% functional debugger .

Actually, when we add a break point in our Arduino code, Visual Micro injects a small code snippets in our Arduino code. This simple code is only available when we compile in Debug mode and if we want to see the code definition, we can edit the Upload.vmps.xml file in the Visual Micro project directory.


Then to be able to debug an app in Arduino, we must have the Arduino connected to our computer serial port. At that time, the injected code will take care of “curb” the execution of the app in the Arduino via serial port to view the values of variables and analyze it.

When we finally compiling the sketches in Release mode, will inject no more this debug code and INO will be compiled like that in the Arduino IDE.

So well, details to consider

-Only you can debug connected with the Arduino via USB

-To be able to debug injected a bit of code, so the result of the compilation is usually slightly larger than usual

-Only works in Debug mode

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno



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