[#VS2013] #VisualMicro, #Arduino 1.6.1 and some configuration hell


I’ve already write a couple of posts about Visual Micro, this excellent addin allow you to create Arduino projects with Visual Studio 2013. Well, now that Arduino has already released an update of your IDE to version 1.6.1, if you had any previous configuration as it is time again to apply some magic to make it work again.

For example, when we created a new project with Visual Micro, we will see that in the toolbar, we have the option to select the version of the Arduino IDE (default 1.0. X), but clearly now is time to upgrade to the new version 1.6. X


So good, we deploy the combo and select the “Configuration Manager” option. In it, we define the location of the Arduino IDE and ready, Visual Micro already takes all the values of the new Arduino IDE.


The important detail is that, even if the location of the Arduino IDE has not changed, we have to launch the wizard to get the new values of the Arduino 1.6.1 in the VS IDE.

Once applied these changes can already select the correct values to work.

Visual Micro 01

And by the way, I’m me a post special to work with Intel Galileo and Visual Micro


Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


Visual Micro, http://www.visualmicro.com/

Mis posts sobre Visual Micro, https://elbruno.com/category/informatica-e-internet/visual-micro/

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