[#ARDUINO] New IDE for Arduino 1.6.0


Arduino friends have released a couple of hours, a new free IDE for the Arduino community. In this case the version is 1.6.0 and the truth is that at level IDE, from the point of view of a developer there are a couple of things more than interesting

For example the ability to auto format. In the case of apps of Arduino, where programming is almost functional, have well indented the code is a #MustHave

ar 1

Finally, editing of preferences.

ar 2

Things as useful as the location of the created sketches, or the font size are something that is always appreciated.For example put Nos in line in the editor

ar 3

In addition, according to the official post we have

-improvements in the speed of compilation

-improvements in the search and replace

-ability to work from the command line

And many more improvements. The truth is that thanks to Arduino Makers community continues to grow and this is an example of this.

Greetings @ Paris

/El Bruno

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