[#WINDOWS10] HowTo: Test trial versions of #Word, #Excel and #PowerPoint for #W10


In the presentation of Windows 10 in a few days ago were special versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Windows 10. As now Windows 10 is the only platform for all devices from Microsoft, it is good to go knowing these apps, since they will be used them in smartphones, tablets, pcs, etc.

If you have 10 Windows, you may try these apps with a couple of very simple steps

1. open the new Store (Beta)

w10 00

2. in the same search these 3 apps

w10 01

4. Select one of them and install it in the local

w10 02

5. an interesting detail is that there is now a new view of apps in progress within the Store

w10 03

6. Once installed, ask Cortana for an app

w10 04

7 launches the correct app (eye not the classic version)

w10 05

8 and you have a new app to test in full mode of Windows 10

w10 06

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

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