[#UNITY3D] Great promition for Unity3d developers


Interesting promotion have created the friends of Unity3D. It is a program with 2 levels for developers who create games with Unity3D. If games are published in the Stores of Windows or Windows Phone you can enter into a program of 2 levels where

If your game qualify for level 1, you will receive

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro license
  • Unity Asset Store voucher (Up to $100 USD)
  • 1 developer device (at Microsoft’s discretion and subject to availability of device in your region)
  • Priority review for Windows Store promotion

If you also qualify for level 2

  • 1 million impressions Ad Package from AdDuplex (up to US$1,000 in value)
  • Microsoft Store Voucher (up to US$100 in value; subject to availability in your region)
  • Feature placement on the Made with Unity Gallery
  • Priority review for Microsoft’s Windows Store/ Windows Phone Store promotion
  • Top-three candidates each month receive one Unity Pro License (up to US$1,500 in value)

All the information you can see on the following page: http://unity3d.com/es/pages/windows/offer

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://unity3d.com/pages/windows/offer

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