[#VS2015] Some #NuGet new features in Visual Studio 2015


Right now work with Visual Studio 2015 is a pleasure. Even if the current version “less than a Beta”, it is rather stable and you can use it to work fine. One of the things that I like most in the new IDE, is the new NuGet window which is not modal.

ng 01

For sure, in the past you get to a point when you need to open the NuGet configuration window in 2 projects at the same time, or open the packages.config in text mode and NuGet window. Now you can.

ng 02

Another thing interesting is that now you can manage almost everything related to a project with NuGet. Usually we are used to to working with references and packages, however we can now also define the runtime execution and more.

It is pretty cool to be able to select for example, the runtime of Roslyn and added to a project with a specific version.

ng 03

Finally we also have different types of behaviors when at the time of updating a package we have conflict, or we can even define opposite types of releases are us suggest an update.

Kudos to the team of Visual Studio 2015 and the cracks of NuGet 😉

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


  1. I see you are rather exited about Nuget v3, so may be you can shed a light on how to specify extern alias for a dependency assembly now when they don’t add all the assemblies to the Assembly References?


    1. Hi Alex,
      have you tried StackOverflow for this one? I mean, I don’t have the quick answer for you ( I need to make some research) and in StackOverflow the answer will be available for everyone !!!


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