[#VS2013] Some build errors, #Bing Developer Assistant and how you can probably skip a couple of steps ;)


Bing Developer Assistant is so cool. Some time ago I already wrote about it, specially for scenarios where the addin could help us while we in “code mode”.

Today I see that when a build fails, we also get some support in the error list panel.

error 01

the way it works is simple, you select the option “Contextual Search Bing” and bing launches a background process with a search which creates an HTML file with the result of the search. The AddIn opens this with the default browser. As the error I used is kind of weird, so instead I used a most common error

A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods

Maybe we’ll see some more interesting results. With some StackOverflow results of course

error 02

So that’s cool.

Going back to the first error, I will dedicate a post to this one (a long one), just comment that is related to XAML, Blend, Visual Studio, and someone with sticky fingers :S

Child node “2” exited prematurely. Shutting down. Diagnostic information may be found in files in the temporary files directory named MSBuild_*.failure. txt.

Greetings @ Football coach time

/El Bruno

Download: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a1166718-a2d9-4a48-a5fd-504ff4ad1b65

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