[#VS2015] Some cool new stuff in Blend 2015


After running the 10 K race put a brake, now a little review what has been learned after using Blend 2015 for a couple of weeks. There are posts from the official Visual Studio Team where he discussed all of the new features, I’ll try to comment what I liked during this last time.

The first thing that catches your attention is that the “it is not more Blend” is now Visual Studio with a touch more to people’s User Experience. The truth is that working side-by-side VS2013 to Blend 2015, not noticed what a product other than Visual Studio. The main difference is a specific theme to Blend, which is almost a darker IDE 😉

bl 01

Detail: Works including the ALT + SHIFT + ENTER for Full Screen!

Now, it is still Blend, with what we have panels of Assets, States, etc. Those who already know of Blend, that is appreciated because in some respects it is much easier to continue working in mode UX.

bl 02

While visually Blend editor is a good pass, I am that continue itching the XAML by hand. That’s why have Intellisense, Code Peek and other specific to Visual Studio and Blend in helps, she is thank you very much

Another thing that caught my attention is that Solution Explorer and Team Explorer panels are exactly the same as in Visual Studio. This glad day when working with shared projects, or TFS and Git.

bl 03

A couple of things that I have not tested: If you are editing a project in Visual Studio 2015 and 2015 Blend, the process of refreshment of the modifications to a file between apps seems that it has greatly improved. I have not personally tried it, I do not usually have 2 apps open at the same time. Another thing I haven’t tried is the ability to debug from Blend. It is now exactly the same as in Visual Studio.

Ahh and you don’t forget me: like to NuGet? as takes NuGet in Blend!

bl 04

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Reference: What’s new in Blend for Visual Studio 2015 Preview

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