[#EVENT] My (fleeting) time by the #Codemotion_es with #coding4Fun has been amazing (as always) thank you!


on the 2nd day of the event, I had lucky enough to be on the last track of CodeMotion talking as… as we can have fun with new technologies. The truth is that it was to arrive and begin to see familiar faces, the child and the Martina playing there, get off and see friends of Microsoft, come on you an awesome experience. I once again congratulate the organizers, people who helped and all those who somehow participated in the CodeMotion forhas been great!

As promised is debt left here below some bullets to share

-My slides

-Quick view of the slides that I published the previous day

-From here you can download the code for the demos that I showed at the event


-Some I was asked about how work with USB HID devices, because here is an example in 3 steps that surely serving

-On some apps and others engaged in rehabilitation with Kinect

-If you liked any toys I used, in addition to the Kinect, Leap Motion, GoogleCardboard, etc.; so here are some that you can buy online

-This video that I put at the beginning while we “hoped” to start my session (sorry to find the audio cable so late)

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

PS: I’m trying to remember all the people in the room 😉 so let’s go with 20 tweets related to the event THANKS !!!


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