[#IOT] Internet of Things: I probably add more contents in the #Connect event



A few days ago the event Connect() was presented online. In the event Microsoft turn the current dev direction 180º with new features like Net in Open Source mode, a version of Visual Studio Professional for free, now in Visual Studio 2015 are included out of the box features to create apps for Android and iOS (I still have not written about this), etc. In addition to all of this, there were news on Azure, new license models, etc. At the end the event let us happier than a dog with two tails.

This morning, while I was running with 3 ° C I ask myself the same question I always do against good news:

How could it be better?

And the answer came 3 kms after:

With a clear bet for Internet of Things

Clarification: if you don’t know that will IoT, then take a look at the trends that mark (link)

Nowadays, the Azure platform to work with connected devices is amazing. Scott Hanselman presented part of samples in Netduino (I think or maybe Arduino) which sent information in real-time to Azure for later analysis. The example was very well, although it is certainly a topic that could be more exploited.

If today we see the list of sessions, to make a filter for Internet of Things, we only see 2 sessions (link) and it’s a shame because Microsoft has an excellent collection of materials that had served for the event, for example

Machine Learning

If you don’t know what is Machine Learning, are already reading this post (link)

Internet of Things your

This is an excellent bet for Microsoft, which apparently not many know (link). This video makes it very clear the vision of Microsoft in this regard

New tools

In addition to all of the tools that we already know, today Azure has a number of tools only dedicated to the Internet of Things (link)

I am not going to give much more to the list of things that would have liked to see, because for example, now Intel is betting strong on its Galileo (who now goes by the V2 generation), Kickstarter always 8 or 9 of the 10 most popular projects are related to IoT or connected devices. These data talk about the great opportunity that would have been this event to further develop IoT of Microsoft platform 😀

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

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