[#TFS2012] Problems when you update to TFS2013: use with boards #Kanban #Bug in the #CMMI template



Almost a year ago I wrote a step by step with an option to have Bugs in the Team Foundation Server 2012 KanbanBoard. (here the post). As at the time of the partitioning powers did me not nor that of guapo, or guess the future; I could not foresee that this not be carried well with migration TFS2013.

Today, called me Gaby (@gabobing) from Málaga informing me that when you are migrating from 2012 to 2013, the vista board is lost. That Yes, if the changes are rolled back everything works.

We have also reviewed it with Gaby and Edu (@edudelpozo) and we have reached the following conclusions

  • Is undo the change to lose the customization?
  • Yes, and more obvious than the 2 table
  • If you do it again it works?
    • Have not but I bet a beer that would run 😉
  • Do the historic loses with these changes?
    • Not lost since we do to customize the board doesn’t impact on the historical changes of the WIs…

    So now you know, as always if you play much a product you will suffer with the upgrade. In this case, not so much, since the bugs still ‘out there’, although it is necessary to undo and redo the steps to have them on board.

    post Original: [#TFS2012] HowTo: manage #Bugs with with #Kanban boards in the #CMMI template

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