[#VS2013] Visual Studio 2013 + #SignalR + #Xamarin = true


So holidays = true; so the posts from today will be short. In this one I’ll show the way we can add support for SignalR inside an Android app. Simpler is impossible.

Select the folder “components” of the Android project, deploy the contextual menu and select “Get More Components…” ”


Within Xamarin Component Store, we carry out a SignalR filter and here we have the component that you can use.


Note: The component is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone Open-mouthed smile

Then select the option “Add to App” and ready, in a few seconds we will have our app so you can use SignalRwithin the same.


Not gonna go into details of the code of the app (remember I’m on vacation), however the example presented by the official website of Xamarin SignalR component, is more than self-explanatory.


If in addition you’ve used SignalR before, you’ll see that the portability that exists is great, the code is the same!

And voila we have support for Xamarin and SignalR in a few steps!

SignalR for Xamarin. http://components.xamarin.com/view/signalr

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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