[#RESHARPER] ReSpeller Free: Spell checker PlugIn (Ohhh yeahhhhh!)



Not being native in a language, can be a problem. After years working with english people I think my english level pretty good (98% of the contact I have with people is in English), however when I have to create a functional or technical document I always requires a 2nd review.

After almost 3 years with this model, I realize that most of the errors are “typos”, that’s mean misspelled words. Word and Office help me a lot with this, Visual Studio… not so much. I know that there are extensions that help in these cases, but one that is integrated into the work process of ReSharper is a great idea.

Mostly because the process of work and refactoring with ReSharper is natural, and if a new case add spell checking, look great Open-mouthed smile

Installation is performed from the ReSharper extensions, the name of the extension is “ReSpeller Free”.


Once inside the Ide, the extension will validate the content of the strings and will be shown a suggestion when you find a typo. For example, if find “Conected“.


The options are that usually know of a dictionary, in addition to suggest options to correct.


The search options are not only limited to strings, you can also search comments, markups, etc.


Now the free version supports English only. The PRO version supports also other languages. And, the price is a bargain: $9.99. Highly recommended Open-mouthed smile

HomePage: http://etherealcode.com/respeller/

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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