[#VS2013] HowTo: Connect to a #Bluetooth device using PIN (thanks #32feet!)


A couple of days ago I wrote a post and I explained how to list the Bluetooth registered devices using 32Feet.. However to have a more complete scenario I must add some other stuff like:

1. Connect to the Bluetooth device

2. Read information from the Bluetooth device

3. Send information to the Bluetooth device

I’ll start with the first one with a very simple Console App. Very simple source code with only a couple of remarks.

– I use 32Feet to make the work with BT more easier (https://32feet.codeplex.com)

– I use LinQ to identify the device using the device Name

– Once I get the device, I store the Device Address

– Lines 13 y 21, PIN pairing process

– In the line 40 I start the read process.


Next time more, and the same process with Windows Phone is almost impossible.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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