[#ALM] #SCRUM, the #Atleti and the Cholo



If you don’t like soccer / football I recommend that you keep not reading this post. Although we must differentiate between people who don’t like football and people who are “anti-football”. The people of the 2nd group are characterized by trying to impose their vision in any place and with any group of people (against the football of course). To this group I’ll always choose the option “Live and Let Die“. If you are the first maybe the post can get to you, if you’re of the 2nd you know Winking smile

This weekend the club Atlético de Madrid was proclaimed champion of the Spain Football League. After 10 years of domain of Real Madrid and Barcelona, we get to a point where a “small club” to win the most long and complicated competition. When I say “small” I do not mean the number of followers, but rather the economic capacity that reinforces this club. The large ones can invest millions year to year, it is very likely that Atletico Madrid has to sell any of their good players to be able to start the new campaign. (Let us not forget that football tries to be a noble sport, governed by the amazing capitalism laws)

The last thing I want to say, to put a bit of context is that equipment which has today the Atleti, is almost the same as your technician found almost 2 years (January 2012). At that time the team was going through a hard time. They were about to go to a worst category, they were out of the Copa del Rey and the morale of the Team was on the floor. Until Diego Pablo Simeone, also known as “El Cholo” arrives to the club.

I’m not into the club and I do not know El Cholo, but from the outside what is appreciated is that beyond working on the structure of the club, and invest in new signings, new faces or new forms; El Cholo decided to invest in the team, invest on people. They adopted an attitude of improvement in the field defined by a very simple and yet very powerful phrase: “we play match-by-match“. Not asked their players anything weird, just play the best they know in every match. And this result you can see 16 months later. I don’t think that anyone can find a more dedicated team than the Atleti. Their players play every game like it is the last game of their live. This probable make other clubs who have invested hundreds of millions in signings rethink if the right way to have a team is based on €uromillons.

And what does this have to do with Scrum? Does El Cholo make Sprints? Does Mono Burgos perform TDD? Neither one thing nor the other (remember that Scrum does not mean TDD) although if you see clearly, that there are many things that draw attention. For example:

-The plan of El Cholo was never long-term, always has been based on “match to match“. If you like football, surely you’ve noticed how he has been getting the better of each player testing and testing in every game until you have a very balanced and very good staff.

People are important, and the experience is what is most valued. See today how the Atleti stays by injury with some very important low, however it covers them with others coming back to give the best of themselves. With a defined focus and constant work has allowed that the team is homogeneous and that there are no dependencies of key figures (eye, having a couple of cracks that will be in the history books). This in Scrum is known as adaptation .

-My personal Feeling about El Cholo, when he speaks, is transparency. This is because it would have to be there to meet him. However compared to other clubs, it seems that the Cholo remembers ken Schawber and is based on one of the 3 pillars to carry his campaign forward.

If you see it in perspective, you’ll see that it is just football; and that behind this there is a team with one goal clear. Also if you like the metrics you’ll see that El Cholo numbers are good, but the sensations that gives this team are best. And that is essential in a team, the sense of security that gives the same when it works. Everyone has to have that level of confidence to know that you will arrive on time, with a finished product. The Atleti today makes it, and in a natural way.

It is not SCRUM as we know it, however today the Atleti has emerged champion of the League, and next weekend to play the final of the Champions League in Lisbon with Real Madrid. I believe that the results are sure that more than one will be putting together a model session of team building based on the work of El Cholo Winking smile

PD: El Cholo Simeone once said the following words which explains his results-oriented philosophy: “keep faith, must be conviction, must have courage, have to assume some challenges, because that assumes no risk, and that no risks, no wins”.

References: The SCRUM Guide, https://www.scrum.org/Portals/0/Documents/Scrum%20Guides/2013/Scrum-Guide-ES.pdf#zoom=100 

Saludos @ Barcelona

El Bruno

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