[#TFS] Is Microsoft going to leave TFSVC for GIT? NO (let me put this more clearer: NO!)


Brian Harry didn’t put the source of this confusion, so I wont do the same. Brian Harry maked this clear, he explained that Microsoft and Visual Studio and the Team Foundation team will continue betting and working for the model of centralized Souce Control that Team Foundation provides.

A few days ago a small dilemma on Twitter was armed when someone alleged that, speaking with people at Microsoft, he had confirrmation on no more support for TFSVC and all will be moved to GIT. This was very out of scope, and much. I told you how to make migration a few days ago, using GIT-TF, and Brian also makes it clear there are some features that are not available in an environment with GIT and yes for TFSVC, the main idea is to get the best experience for a developer .

And the noise level was fairly high, as to which Brian Harry has to make clear the response in a post: plan to abandon Microsoft TFSVC for GIT? > > Not.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2014/04/14/is-microsoft-abandoning-tfvc-in-favor-of-git.aspx

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