[#KINECTSDK] HowTo: Find out the capabilities of the sensor (not yet)


Yesterday due to technical problems I could not perform the webcast on Kinect SDK V2, but that doesn’t mean stop writing about this. In todays post I’ll show the way to find the enabled capabilities of a Kinect V2 sensor.

KinectSDK publish a “KinectCapabilities” property to handle that information. For example the following code is responsible for inspecting this property once detected a sensor and opens when a feed of the same.

   1: using System;

   2:  using Microsoft.Kinect;


   4:  namespace KinectCapabilities

   5:  {

   6:      class Program

   7:      {

   8:          private static KinectSensor _kinectSensor;

   9:          static void Main()

  10:          {

  11:              Console.WriteLine("Press RETURN to start");

  12:              Console.ReadLine();

  13:              _kinectSensor = KinectSensor.Default;

  14:              if (null != _kinectSensor)

  15:              {

  16:                  Console.WriteLine("Default sensor:" + _kinectSensor.KinectCapabilities);

  17:                  _kinectSensor.Open();

  18:                  Console.WriteLine("Sensor open :" + _kinectSensor.KinectCapabilities);

  19:                  _kinectSensor.BodyFrameSource.OpenReader();

  20:                  Console.WriteLine("Body open :" + _kinectSensor.KinectCapabilities);

  21:                              }

  22:              Console.ReadLine();

  23:          }

  24:      }

  25:  }

This console running app shows the following:


As we can see, the option only changed from None to Vision (and believe me that I have tried with all the Sources). The official documentation promises us many capabilities which we hope will be available in the next update of the SDK

Member Value Description
None 0 No kinect capabilites are supported.
Vision 1 Vision is supported.
Audio 2 Audio is supported.
Face 4 Facial recognition is supported.
Expressions 8 Expressions are supported.
Gamechat 16 Game chat is supported.

And as always, the disclaimer

“This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change”

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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