[#TFS2013] Migrate from TFS to TFS! I’m sorry, from TF SVC to TFS and GIT


I’m in a point where my Team Project based on TFS Source Control is no longer a useful tool. Read this in the correct way: there simple operations like “open Visual Studio” where the local Workspace check process can take several minutes, and this is not an agile way to work.

Caution! I’m not saying that TFS Source Control is a bad option, but today for example if you plan to use all Visual Studio and TFS ALM solution, you’ll get a better experience with GIT for source control. More than 5 years ago, when I created this Team Project, the only available option was TFSVC; and 5 years later, of course, tons of code (really really tons), many people who have gone out there (here is an example image), and many others make this point not optimal (I also migrated this TP from several versions included the online one).

Today, Team Foundation Server does not allow change Source Control TFSVC management with an option to TFS and GIT, so is time to create a new Team Project with TFS and Git for SC and use this new one. And this is also the right excuse to see how to get this scenario ahead. Winking smile

Well, an option that gives us a result with little effort is to use Git-TFS. The first thing we must do is to install the tool, in my case I do this with a Chocolatey command “cinst gittfs” and voila! all dependencies and configuration by Chocolatey are here.

Note: Do you not know Chocolatey? Do you know in example, you can install Visual Studio 2013 in a single step with Chocolatey ?

Once installed, the command to cloning is very simple

tfs git clone < tfs server > < tfs project >

And ready! Although you have to take into account the size of files that you own, and a bit of common sense this solution is very useful for scenarios like this.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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