[#KINECTONE] #KinectStudio in the refresh of #KinectSDK V2 (cool!)


These days, a new release of the SDK for Kinect One has been released. There were many requests in the backlog, and the product team has decided to go for productivity. This version includes a version of Kinect Studio for Kinect One


If you have worked with Kinect SDK 1.7 or higher, for sure you know this app. Kinect Studio allows you to “record” a session with the Kinect sensor and then you can reuse it when you debug an application. In this way, you avoid get up in front of the Kinect every 5 minutes to test your application again and again.

Note: I’ve written a couple of post about, you can see them here and here .

As well, this refresh of the SDK includes some improvements and… including this excellent application. A detail, much more complete that the Kinect V1 version, in this case the source is separated into IR, Depth, Camera, etc and it is possible to analyze frame by frame that is received from the sensor.


Don’t have much time today to exploit it further, but if you do it this weekend.

And as always, the disclaimer

“This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change”

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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