[#VS2013] HowTo: Share Toolbox Code Snippets (not the usual code snippets)


Do you remember the post where I talked about how to generate Code Snipets and store them in the IDE Toolbox? If you do not remember, a 5 second video resume:


There is a moment in every developers life when dev buddy asks you to share these code snippets. The way to do it is quite simple.

1. Menu “Tools / / Import and Export Settings”

2. Select the option “Export selected environment settings”


3 uncheck all options and leaves only selected “General Settings / / Toolbox”


4 specifies a file name and a location for the settings.


5. ready! Now you have the settings with the content of the exported Toolbox.


To import it, the process is similar, only that you must select the option “Import selected environment settings”


Optionally, you can make a backup of your current configuration


Then you need to select the file exported in the previous steps [*.vssettings]


The wizard will show the option to import only “Toolbox”



Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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