[#ALM] One more time, real coders does not use branches


Some time ago I wrote a post where I that commented use of branches wasn’t a smart choice (actually the post content is much more complex, but people who think that there is a single answer for every problem in the ALM world, understood this and have not seen the photo in a more complete scope).

Ok go back to the post, a couple of days ago Edu point me to this excellent 2009 post from the Flickr development team (a company which is not yet adquired by Facebook) and of course, I see that

-they only work with a single branch

-they use Flags to define what features are enabled in production or in development environment

In Visual Studio and C# would be something similar to

   1: #if DEBUG

   2:   // New features here

   3: #else

   4:   // Same old boring stuff here

   5: #endif

I know last code lines suggest PAIN for most of the people, however they are simple enough to add +1 to my theory

On a development team is most important the quality and the level of the members, than the work process or tools defined for the team.

Software development is not for amateurs.

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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