[#POWERPOINT] #Slideshare is cool … and #skydrive / #onedrive? (another option to share slides)


Everyone knows that SlideShare is the most popular platform to share presentations online. I see on my profile after several years, I have 29 presentations in my profile and some followers. Now well, today while I was arranging some contents in SkyDrive / OneDrive, I realized that from here it is also possible to share slides y a very cool way.

When you select a PowerPoint presentation’s in SkyDrive, you have the option to share the file (SHARE). This option is cool and allows you to create a link so others can see or edit your pptx.


However, there is an option that you allows to embed the viewer web PowerPoint on a HTML page, and is kind of hidden. Do not look in the SHARE options because you will not find it.

What you should do is access the presentation, in the Web App


Then go to “File / / Share / / Embed” option


And here you’ll have a bit of HTML that using an IFRAME allows us to embed a viewer with our presentation. As you can see in the image below, we can define the size and nothing else-…


An example of the generated code would be

In the end it is not competence of SlideShare or much less, but continues to be an interesting option which presents Skydrive / OneDrive

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno


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