[#VS2013] Node.js tools for Visual Studio, and the future of packages managers (if you use NuGet you probably think about this)



Now is very simple to deploy a Node.js server on AZURE, but is much easier to do this using Visual Studio 2013. This post from Scott Hanselman was saved in my favorites for some time and explains it in details: Node.js tools for Visual Studio .

The name it says everything, a plugin for our IDE that allows us to work with projects of Node.js.

Blank Express Application

And as I now begin to read about the future of Node.js (must read), it strikes me that even though the integration of the VS plugIn is very good, all changes and challenges for NodeJs are NPM-related. The textual phrase of the blog is this one

At this point, npm needs work, and I am eager to deliver what the Node community needs from its package manager.

And I think that it is a technology that is different from the one used by Microsoft Developers, but the problems with the management and distribution of packages are similar. Many times as developers do not realize dependence we have on them.

Although the author of the post makes clear in a sentence what may happen

… that everything currently free will remain free, and everything currently flaky will get less flaky.

The .net Developers can imagine what would happen if for example, Json.Net would begin to be a package of payment? By the way, if you are really using these packages, you costs nothing to donate even $1 to its author. Open-mouthed smile

And here I close, that he plays tomorrow travel to Barcelona and then both webRTC have made head a hype…


Greetings @ Barcelona

El Bruno


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