[#SCRUM] SCRUM is not for amateurs


After a couple of talks in Cordoba on how to build software, I ended up recalling a phrase, shaerd to me by Edu about scrum 

SCRUM is not for amateurs

Important stuff > EDU now got the PSD, so whenever we talk about this stuff he brings me back to a lot of concepts that I‘ve to apply in daily basis. When we talk about Scrum and constant improvements, we always assume people who are part in a team have to use the best tools available and apply the best practices to build software.

The best tools are achieved with €uros or dollar$, and that part is easy. But to know and apply the best practices requires time and dedication, and that is something you don’t find in everyone. A good professional takes time to improve his role and the way he works. In a team that practices SCRUM, it is strange to have to explain the basis of good practices to your teammates. Much more common is that someone comes up with a new idea, share it with the team and then is the team that decides whether it is feasible to implement.

This is also the basis that in a team that practices SCRUM “classic architectures” is not defined, architecture emerge as improvements are added to the product being built. And of course, all of this is given by 2 fundamental premises

  • Only that which brings value to the product that builds should be built
  • We must avoid adding features that are not necessary

A bad example to mention is the classic moment where we add functionality to the product that we do not need. For example, we prepare an application to support multiple languages or multiple cultures, because we know that it is very likely that in a couple of months your application needs this functionality. We also know that if we apply these changes now, it will be much easier to implement them. The error at this point is to assume that this road is viable, when in reality only we must build ONLY what is approved and within the SPRINT BACKLOG. If we have doubts about, the PO is the figure that we must address this issue.

But well, now I’m getting more in how team SCRUM as in the phrase with which we must stay

SCRUM is not for amateurs

Merry Christmas!

Greetings @ La Rancherita

El Bruno


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