[#KINECTONE] What’s new in #KinectSdk v2



yesterday I was asked a listing in draft of the innovations of the KinectSdk V2 mode.

So here this

  • It uses the Kinect Sensor of XBoxOne
  • Better quality and more horizontal and vertical amplitude for the camera and a depth sensor
  • Full HD Color
  • Infrared light (30 fps)-independent
  • Improvement in 3 X depth sensor
  • Improvements in the microphone (zero balanced, that I don’t have very clear it is)
  • The Skeleton can detect up to 25 joints with 6 people at the same time (25 joints in the skeleton are detected for each person)
  • Detection of thumbs, contour of the hand, and open and closed hand gestures
  • Improvements in the detection range (from 0.5 meters to 4.5 meters)
  • Several applications can use the sensor at the same time

As always, these features are specific to the current version of the SDK and get better with each release that is taken out of it.


“This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno


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