[#RESHARPER] R# in VS2013 but not in VS2012? OMG!


While I was preparing the materials for Arduino today and Netduino webcasts, I found out that I only had enabled ReSharper in Visual Studio 2013, not in Visual Studio 2012. This is normal, since the order of installation was the following

  1. Visual Studio 2013
  2. ReSharper
  3. Visual Studio 2012

Then of course, my first idea was to repair the installation of ReSharper, but I remembered that at this point ReSharper does something more…


You have to choose CHANGE and R# allows you to choose which versions of Visual Studio will affect, now I selected Visual Studio 2012.


And ready…


Tip of the day Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno



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