[#SCRUM] Scrum in or Scrum out?


For very strange reasons, I had to read one more time the official guide for Scrum in scrum.org. Now I’m comparing it with the original of several years ago, the current version has changed a lot. Not only “small changes”, now there is a tone of moral authority for the practices that can offend someones.

Note: I have not read the version in Spanish, the English version is quite authoritarian. Also my english is not as good as I want.

Today I was talking with my wife on this topic, and I told her that in my honest opinion, this change is due to how complicated it is to implement Scrum out. I mean, a development team quickly includes and adapt scrum bases as a framework and can easily begin to apply the practices (maybe worse or better, but they usually can start).

However, in an organization, is not so easy: and this is the hard part; where should we implement Scrum out and begin to evangelize about Scrum outside technical environments. I often say that Scrum as an idea is fine, but you have to know how to adapt it so you can get the best possible performance for your team. Make changes on the framework, means that you first knows him very well and you have accepted the advantages and disadvantages that have, to then choose the best of it.

When you start applying “changes required for an organization” to a framework like Scrum, well… you’re shitting it. If the first thing you do is to begin to “dirty” Scrum based on what your organization needs, you’re settings bad bases that in the long run, the Scrum framework is over doing what your organization needs, and not the Scrum proposes.

In conclusion, I give for approved this “authoritarian” tone Winking smile

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno


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