[#RESHARPER] Free Command Line tools ! (Yes ;))



On a day of changes, let’s go with some big news: ReSharper has a free version. Yesterday ReSharper sales team has contacted me to tell me that, now that Visual Studio 2013 RTM has been released, I have to request a new license for R#.

I find therefore that, between chats and mails, since July in this year the command line version of ReSharper is free!

Note: I wrote a post about these tools a few days before JetBrains team make them free!

Yes, the tool is free and I love it; what has this good?. Ok let’s start thinking in scenarios for a Build Server, now that makes it worth, no? Angry smile

By the way, if anyone wants to use them, you can fill out an online form here and from JetBrains will help them to find the correct usage scenario.


Greetings @ Home

El Bruno


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