[#ALM] Is which better #KANBAN or #SCRUM?

ALM 03


today I will touch a tricky subject: try to define if

SCRUM is better than KANBAN

or if

KANBAN is better than SCRUM

And now that I have complied with the formalities for those who read the summary of the post, let’s go with the correct answer:

Do you really think that one is better than another ?

If you are of those who think that you can make a comparison between the two and get the “best one“, for sure you do not really understand how you are suppose to work in a team.

In my case, there are some stuff in Kanban which I like very much, in example the concept of Work in Progress (WIP). And same happens with SCRUM, there are other things that I almost hate, ie: predictions based on the metrics provided by velocity. Ant the end, both have much knowledge and a set of best best practices where you choose to apply on your team to get a better performance.

Finally, if you are of those people who are not afraid to assert that “X is better than and“, then give thanks that nobody has invented invent how to punch people through internet… Angry smile

Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno


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