[#TOOL] Random users generator (lorem ipsum users!)


As nearly all developers, probably at some point you will find the need to create a couple of test for any application users. After the classic John and Mary Doe, sure you do like me and starting to use the names of your children after your friends and so until you realize it has to your social life is insignificant.

Well, for this we we have a Random User I (@randomapi), an excellent site that generates random users and that returns results in this format:

   1: {
   2:   results: [{
   3:     user: {
   4:       gender: "male",
   5:       name: {
   6:         title: "mrs",
   7:         first: "keith",
   8:         last: "stewart"
   9:       },
  10:       location: {
  11:         street: "7159 edwards rd",
  12:         city: "seymour",
  13:         state: "pennsylvania",
  14:         zip: "37284"
  15:       },
  16:         email: "keith.stewart58@example.com",
  17:         password: "godfather",
  18:         md5 hash: "15d628391f0eb58d7724041ab9a12ae2",
  19:         sha1 hash: "58be9e2c7f22cd75d7af3c9e175b6465b280d61d",
  20:         phone: "(471)-543-4073",
  21:         cell: "(651)-308-4754",
  22:         SSN: "160-76-1677",
  23:         picture: "http://randomuser.me/g/portraits/men/6.jpg"
  24:       },
  25:       seed: "bigBird"
  26:     }]
  27: }

The interesting thing is that you can ask a user, 10 users, of a specific genre, etc.

The truth is that it is quite well and after 4 clicks can the 10 sample users very quickly to launch an application.

HomePage: http://randomuser.me/

Source: http://forrst.com/posts/Random_User_Generator-GCz

Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno


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