[#SKYDRIVE] SkyDrive vs #TFS (#PacificRim style)


With what I like SkyDrive, now change you the name by a legal dispute of these complicated medium in the UK.And I repeat, Skydrive is very but very good… we use it as a central information repository for documents, binaries, and the best is a shared OneNote’s project. The have a Wiki it is very retro, we have notes in OneNote and as there are customers for all platforms, we keep it from our Win81, Win8, WP8, iFones, androids, Ipades, etc.

Although this is not all, office (word, excel, and powerpoint) web editors also are integrated with what if, for example you get to modify a number in excel can do so very easily without having installed the Office. Trembles Sharepoint!

And now, the product of SkyDrive team has dedidico to another large attack > to TFS! Since a few days ago, as well as web publishers Office, SkyDrive is integrated text editors that are pretty cool. Let us see what happens for example when we got a text (txt) file


When we access the same, we can see a text editor very minimalist that complies with the functionality basic expected of it: edit text.


We have also some killer features such as date modified and file size. We’ll it’s awesome Open-mouthed smile

If you are curious you sure you noticed before in addition to the text file I had uploaded a CS and a JS. Now is to freak out… an image / video with all the data


And Yes, you’ve seen well… colored auto, an indented car that also… thanks, insurance which then becomes a historical versions, a precompiled, intellisense,… etc > > This is only the beginning, TFS must be scared!

PS: as there is not very well understood… There is an ironic tone around the post Winking smile

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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