[#XDUINO] Arduino vs Netduino vs Gadgeteer (VII) conclusions, Pros and Cons of .net Gadgeteer



  1. Introduction.
  2. Example with Arduino
  3. Beginning with Netduino
  4. Example with Netduino
  5. Example with Gadgeteer
  6. Conclusions on Arduino
  7. Conclusions on Netduino


After the review of Arduino and Netduino, today I close with .net Gadgeteer

.NET Gadgeteer


The main advantage of the Gadgeteer .net is the speed with which we can prototype. On the one hand the plate has sensors plug & play, what we have in Arduino with a Groove Shield. Also within Visual Studio have a visual environment where we can see how the connections are PIN and have to use for each sensor. This working model Drag & Drop really makes that anyone can quickly prototype.

Another important issue is the code. Visual DSL where we connect the sensors is responsible for generating the initialization of the same code, then a single programmer has to focus on the business logic that you want to apply to the prototype. Once more Gadgeteer WINS in speed.

Another advantage, from the academic point of view is that it is open odigo. You can find onhttp://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/ and see how it works on the inside. And I don’t want to forget that he was born as a project of MS Research for quick prototypes, which at the request of the community became a commercial product for enthusiasts and people with little social life.


I think the main drawback is the price. A complete Kit to get started is much more expensive than one Arduino orNetduino, making fast numbers is almost double. The following is not one against, but if what you want is to work at a low level, or you think Gadgeteer.


Gadgeteer is Visual Basic of sensors. And don’t drink it for the bad side of Visual Basic, it allows you to make things powerful and very fast. If this is what you want, it’s great. If on the other hand you want to work at a lower level you can download to Netduino and if you like Arduino to hardcore is your friend.

Greetings @ Barcelona

El Bruno

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