[#TFS2013] "Features" one more level of granularity to improve the Backlogs



continue with the updates that have been implemented “by-the-face” in Team Foundation Service the name of the new Visual Studio 2013. Today we will see the “Features“. While the assistance of Team Foundation Serviceexplains it a very scientific way, a way to describe a Feature is to think at a higher level than GDP.

In my case, today when I speak with Stakeholders or product owners of my projects, soil create PBIs to leave evidence of the same in my TP. What happens is that these PBIs tend to have a “mental smoke” very high level, what we usually do is to then create real PBIs then we break down in real TASKs in implementation, etc etc etc…(not tell you anything that you don’t know). Now, a Feature comes to represent the top level of abstraction that allows us to have a “repository of ideas” that can then be defined at a more detailed level as a TP PBIs. A good thing having the Features is that they are common to all the TPs for a Team Project Collection, so you can organize them at the organization level and then to reach specific levels of each project.

Turning to the implementation of this “feature”, we can see in the home of our backlog


Once a Feature has all the properties of a WorkItem, title, description, area, Tags, it is possible to handle it on a Board, kanban, etc.

It is then possible to define the type of deployment that you want to do, for example with a related GDP.


Once you have defined the implementations, because we can have a hierarchical view of Feature / / GDP


That by today, morning news.

Source: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/news/2013-jun-3


Saludos @ Eventazo en Madrid

El Bruno

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