[#TFS2013] Welcome to the "Rooms" (the best way to know what happens in your team)



yesterday I commented that in TechEd 2013 they were announcing new features to the new version of Visual Studio 2013. The interesting thing is that at the same time are announcing these changes, some updates were made in vivo envelope Foundation Service Team (basically because in 20 days we have the new Beta of Visual Studio 2013 to begin work).

If yesterday were working with Team Foundation Service , surely you will have given you some headache, response times were slow, however you may have also noticed that there was some new features available, some very interesting, for example the ROOMS. Under all the elements in the home of your Team Project, you can see the access to them.


Then with one click, you walk into the Room, and you can start see everything that happens on your computer.The following image shows an example, where it is possible to see as I entered and left the Room a couple of times.


Among the options you can find in the Room, you have the concept of events to validate that information is the same. The events correspond to the categories of

  • -Execution of Builds
  • -Code changes
  • -Changes of WorkItems
  • -Code reviews


It is also possible to define the users or groups of Team Foundation that we want them to be part of the Room.

Good and after seeing all this, comes the question of rigour Would why ROOM? Maybe because from the activity of your computer, you can have a feedback and constant conversation of what happens in it. For example, after accommodate and reschedule a couple of WorkItems, I can comment in the CHAT of the ROOM why this change (in this case is a Brown hides because we are left without a team). I mention in the chat and then chat people can view and comment on it.


Taking advantage of the capabilities of the GROUP chat is possible references to a member of the team with the @ front or to a WorkItem with #. In the following image you can see to the Edu, what you enjoy most with the Rooms at this time,.


It is also possible to see how many people are in a Room, directly from the home


Finally a couple of interesting facts about the Rooms

  • ALL who are registered in a Room is stored in the TFS
  • It is possible to view the log of a Room by days
  • By clicking on a WI or user, can browse the same directly from the history of the Room
  • It is possible to create new Rooms with different people, different events, etc.

We will the idea is very good and should give you a bit of time to see if the team adapt to it.

And a little help, because you have already updated the help of TFS http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/learn/collaborate-in-a-team-room

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

image image image

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