[#VS2012] NuGet in C++ (in the top ten list for the 2013 )



you say that life does not give returns as the succession of Fibonacci , is never skipped a red light and then he fled police in a chase of cinema.

I for example, a few years after leaving, I am returning to C++ in one way rather than aggressive. (Aggressive: is the only way to create well made applications for platforms like ) Arduino .)

However, when the output of your application is a program of only 8K in size, you got that take into account many things to do things well. And at that moment it enters game having good tools. In the case of arduino, the editor of C++ that is shipped is a shit a little poor capabilities. The good news is that wanting it is possible to use Visual Studio 2012 to pull lines in C++.

And when I see the IDE and what is possible and impossible in the world of C++, I find that…

In C++ do have support for NuGet !!!

That Yes, only with version 2.5 or higher, it is possible to update the version from here .

And clear, in a world where each sensor has its own library (or. h), where each scenario is similar to the previous one; NuGet required.

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vcblog/archive/2013/04/26/nuget-for-c.aspx

Download: NuGet Package Manager, http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/27077b70-9dad-4c64-adcf-c7cf6bc9970c


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