[#TFS2012] New Update with incredible colors a cascoporro!



Oh I get more happy than a small child when I see an update of this type: new colorful and new layouts in the Team Foundation Server 2012 of Web view.

If you have an account on Team Foundation Service you can see it already, and while Brian Harry gives a full list of changes in this update there are 2 that are important for my.

  • Can now differentiate the WorkItem type in the backlog thanks to the same color. What looks like a simple thing, is extremely useful. So far, thanks to Council’s Edu what we did was put the prefix BUG – in the scope of type Bug to separate them in the PBIs. With this layout is finished as a prefix useless to the WIs.


  • Now in our board have the capability of
  • see tasks only for one person. That only leaves visible the tasks of the person. Mola
  • in the view you can see the current sprint, or previous ones. Which is also appreciated ;)


As always the complete list of features the Brian describes in his post. An interesting, small update but molon.

Source: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/home/news/2013/may-13/

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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