[#VS2012] PowerStory for #PowerPoint with #TFS2012 (I)



Tools for the creation of WireFrames are many, perhaps too many. Now, if say me that name a quickly probably the first that comes to mind is Balsamiq. It is not for WireFrames to 100% but it serves the purpose. With the arrival of DEV11 (VS2012 and TFS2012), the friends of Redmond made a very timid approach to prototyping tools with StoryBoards for PowerPoint. The idea was very well, but it came in something that promises a lot but it accomplishes little.

Now on the other hand have an idea very similar but squeezed 100%: PowerStory. The basis of PoweStory is simple; “using PowerPoint to tell stories related with User Stories“. What definition is already a great goal. It is using PowerPoint to what has been created. The idea is that the stories are “painted” in PowerPoint are replacement requirements, user stories, etc.; Since a visually may represent a client needs.

Note:Delicate theme, pick up a need and raise it in visual mode, maybe we are ahead of the implementation of the same. That sure is a complaint of purists, in my case I prefer this to anything.

I return to that I miss. Another interesting point that incorporates this mode of “telling stories” is that from them is generate the Test Cases necessary to validate the same. And if we finally believe in this environment 100% integrated with Team Foundation Server, as it is almost a nirvana (one of the little ones).

This week I have it complicated but I will see take time to test and write about the idea. A video to enter in heat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GxQnOEAux40

HomePage: http://power-story.com/index.html

PS: I am lucky to meet the father of the idea and only say that it is a crack ;)


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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