[#TFS2012] HowTo: Planning a Team Foundation Server 2012 deploy



When you have to install a collaboration with Team Foundation Server environment, questions always arise as

  • TFS version should I install?
  • I reached with a Single Server installation, or should I separate data server and application layer?
  • Do I need Sharepoint?, or Reporting Services?
  • How can I measure the hardware in each layer?
  • I believe one or more dedicated servers build?

In addition to these questions, it is time to start to define a strategy for the Organization of Team Projects, here the questions are style

  • I think a single Team Project Collection for the entire organization?
  • I think different PCTs? for example, separating into functional areas
  • If I remove the PCTs, do I organize how modules common to all areas?
  • If I leave a single TPC would how to assure the isolation of the code between different Team Projects?

Starting with these schemes can be something that consume you time and do not have a simple answer. It is more or less like wonder what must now do the Barcelona to be able to recover the quality of previous years (already more than one club would like to have “the crisis” the Barza, ending one of the 4 best clubs of Europe and the League of Spain in the Pocket)

As well, as the Barza is it can ask Pep; and the Team Foundation Server can see it in the Guide Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Planning Guide in CodePlex . This guide contains a series of recommendations for the installation and organization of a TFS2012-based environment, ranging from Hardware requirements to the organization suggested for environments of test, training, etc. As always a picture is worth more than 1001 words.


Download: http://vsarplanningguide.codeplex.com/


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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