[#NETMF] Intro or presentation and a free gift with tutorial for a Hello Valentino (my version of Hello World)



after presenting yesterday .Net micro Framework, today we will see more in detail. Net Gadgeteer .

. Net Gadgeteer (starting from now-GT) is an Open Source platform based on .NET micro Framework (NETMF). If you sound Arduinoyou will surely also sound Netduino that is the same idea but based on NETMF. The point where WP differs is that hardware makers create pieces that are assembled in a plug-and-play mode with a motherboard. This makes not only be fun create gadgets, but it is rather simple since there is to worry about the connection of peripherals. The heart of GT is a EMX module which has a bit of everything: RAM, an ARM processor, ethernet, etc. Good thing is that it is modified to be able to forget the connections. The following image shows a motherboard where not have left space for any sensor. (And Yes, that big time below is a touch display to “hostea” WPF apps… or almost)

Note: here are more than 100 sensors and different motherboards to see what you can create with GThttp://www.netmf.com/gadgeteer/showcase.aspx?showcaseid=1


If you entered the curiosity, the only thing you have to know is that the following software prerequisites you need to get started:

  1. Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

    You can still use professional or ultimate.

  2. Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2 QFE2 SDK

    This SDK must be installed before step three.

  3. GHI Software Package v4.2 Feb. 18, 2013

    Includes NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer SDKs and components. See release notes and known issues .

Note: these are the official, every 2 months it is best to view them directly inhttp://www.ghielectronics.com/support/.net-micro-framework

The next thing is to give a review for the next free eBook:

Beginners Guide to C# and the .NET micro Framework

They are 60 pages that really help you start with WP.

And you are ready to write your first application. In this case and for the following examples we will use sensors that come with the Kit “FEZ Spider Starter Kit“:

Creating the first application

We have the hardware, we have the software, it’s time to create the first Hello World ;) .

1 Open Visual Studio 2010. (in another post commented why VS2010 and not VS2012)

2. Create a new project of type Visual C# / / Gadgeteer / /. Net Gadgeteer Appication (NETMF 4.2)


3. In VS2012 all available sensors for use see a DSL with a FEZ Spider, a small tip plate and on the toolbar.


4 We add an element of type Button.

5. Then from the single connector of the Button, we connect with the motherboard. An important point is that the designer will provide us the correct slots for connection.


6. Once connected we will have something similar to…


7. Now let’s add a PowerPoint (or power point) Joh!. We connect it automatically and will have the following:


8. Now we can start coding. If we clean of comments and spam clean of this example code is as follows:

   1: using Microsoft.SPOT;
   3: namespace GadgeteerApp2
   4: {
   5:     public partial class Program
   6:     {
   7:         void ProgramStarted()
   8:         {
   9:             Debug.Print("Program Started");
  10:         }
  11:     }
  12: }

9 As in an app C# of the always have intellisense, inline help, etc. We are including a button behaves like a button;)


10 And then we can already add the Valentino “Hello”

   1: using Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics;
   2: using Microsoft.SPOT;
   4: namespace GadgeteerApp2
   5: {
   6:     public partial class Program
   7:     {
   8:         void ProgramStarted()
   9:         {
  10:             button.ButtonPressed += ButtonButtonPressed;
  11:             Debug.Print("Program Started");
  12:         }
  14:         void ButtonButtonPressed(Button sender, Button.ButtonState state)
  15:         {
  16:             Debug.Print("Hello Valentino !!!");
  17:         }
  18:     }
  19: }

11. Amazing simple. Now I have to assemble the toy to prove it “live”


Note: thats behind a Xbox Remote (no model that creak me) and also a mate, what we have Argentines abroad

12 Runs in each click of the button, we have the message in the Output window.



Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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