[#OFFICE] HowTo: Edit a PDF document with Word 2013



today is one of those days, in which the small joys are added one after another. In this case, it’s a very simple thing, but once I stole quite some time:

How can I edit the content of a PDF?

Today I have discovered an alternative using Word 2013. When he was about to open a DOCX file, I was wrong and I selected the file [06357162.pdf]. This file is a PDF created by the Microsoft Research team on Prototyping Connected Devices for the Internet of Things (connected devices everywhere, for this Windows 8 Embedded, ?)


Well what it was, I make a mistake in the selection of a file and when I select a PDF I see the following message:


Obviously, people who, like me, we live to the limit do not doubt to give him the OK to this question (even tend to go for a walk in days of rain without umbrellas!). And I see how Word 2013 does a magnificent job redefining the PDF file into the editor of Word, respecting formats, fountains and spaces. etc. The following image is an example of the PDF edited in Word 2013.


Reading a little in this regard, I find out that this functionality is called PDF Reflow and given enough to talk to exit Office 2013. After a quick search I’ve given with a post of the Word teamwhere they talk about how this feature works for Word. In other blogs I can see people saying that MS tries to destroy Adobe, and others giving already dead PDF format, will typically in sensationalist blogs like Engadget, Engadget, etc.

I I’ve been happier than a Partridge, and above I put face to the people who created this functionality and explain why:

The PDF Reflow team spent the past couple of years thinking about how to turn PDF files into Word documents.

The original PDF download: http://research.microsoft.com/pubs/187495/06357162.pdf

Word Blog about PDF Reflow: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-word/archive/2012/08/09/unlock-pdfs-with-the-new-word.aspx

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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