[#RESHARPER] EAP 8.0, disabling the warnings of a single line!



Team of JetBrains are a few cracks, of that there is no doubt. Each new version of ReSharper brings features that are really useful and also generally up to the nail trends product where to pull level.(This is a way of looking at it, otherwise it is they set the trends, issue of opinions).

What was going, I was reviewing the features of the new ReSharper 8.0 (EAP is open!) and I find things really powerful as the Go To Everything which is a kind of ULTIMATE SEARCH AND NAVIGATE to any element of your solution, or the Assembly Explorer that was previously part ofdotPeek , the free decompiler for JetBrains , and that it is now also part of R #.

However, the best and the best of far is what we can do with the following lines within a code file

   1: // ReSharper disable all

From this line, ReSharper it ignored all the warnings until you find

   1: // ReSharper restore all 

A very simple functionality, but that is extremely useful in many cases!

Source: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2013/03/introducing-the-resharper-8-eap/

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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