[#TFS2012] HowTo: Set up a local Build Server for Team Foundation Service

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return to a post that I have pending from make a time. Some people have asked me about whether it is possible to use the Build Service of Team Foundation Service to compile projects fromWindows 8. The answer is NO. The best option is to install a computer with Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 and Team Build 2012 and connect it to the service of Team Foundation Service .

As I am in demo mode, I have chosen to install

And a couple of interesting to take into account data:

  • As a Team Build 2012 will be integrated with Team Foundation Service , the machine can not be in domain.
  • It is recommended to use a Microsoft Account that is local machine administrator to install and configure Team Build 2012. I created one on @outlook.com which comes in handy to me.

We go with the step by step:

1. Install Team Foundation Server 2012 Trial in Windows 8. Launch the management console.


2. Next you need to configure the Build Service. In the “Build Configuration” option select “Configure Intalled Featured”.

3 The Setup Wizard starts.



4. They should be connected with the Team Foundation Service team project collection.


5 Configure the build service properties.


6 We completed the service accounts.


7. The previous point is important. So the Build account to work properly, it must be within groups as shown in the following image. This part isn’t very well documented on MSDN (here for example), so that a little testing I have seen that these are groups which must belong to the account to be used as the Build account.


8. We launched the validation process for configuring Team Build 2012.


9. After a few seconds we will have our new Build Controller configured and connected to our instance of Team Foundation Service .


10. The next step is to create or edit a build definition so that it uses this new Build Controller. In the same options, we can see being Hosted Build Controller and the one we created in previous steps.


11 Done!

El Bruno

image image image

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