[#EVENT] Live Meeting error + Windows 8: Solved (well almost solved)



when last year I had to give a webcast of TFS On the Cloud with friends of SecondNug , I prepared for several possible errors. At that time the version of TFS Service was in Beta stage and there were things that were not working or with luck. Incredibly with TFS Service I had no problem, but which if exploded like an angry taliban vest was the combination of Live Meeting + Windows 8 .

Not be very well the technicality of the problem, the issue is that the Live Meeting client does not work in Windows 8 . Toca do a remote desktop or something similar from a Windows 7 with Live Meeting to be able to publish a session. Petite chestnut.

Also as I am a responsible person and I don’t drink Monday, decided to report the error in Live Meeting Forum. You can see the entrance of 14-July-2012 herehttp://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/olmexp/thread/247d7149-11e9-4a69-8810-4d6486a36f79

In this case, the guys from the product team took it calmly and in the Cumulative Update for Live Meeting of December 19, 2012 solved the problem . Kudos for them! RisaRisaRisa

Although it seems that there is still a problem for somewhat complex scenarios. Also if you want to download this update because from here you can

Download Links

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

image image image

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