[#LEGO] The new Lego Mindstorms V3 (ready for Apple products and Android?)



If LEGO friends is a little apuraban, one of the Christmas gifts for the Valentino was surely the next gadget.

A few days ago, on the website of Lego Mindstorms, they have announced a new version of Lego Mindstorms . The press release doesn’t say much; is why we recommend you watch the video where we can see that the next version will have a remote control to control the brick by infrared, a new software to give commands to the brick, software for iPhone to control constructions.

What has struck me is that there are now three servo motors, but one of them is different, color, touch and infrared sensors have been updated, and the sound sensor has been removed. The processor becomes an ARM and by comments appears to be controlled by Android. The own brick now has the ability to connect to a Wifi network with what we finally discard to Bluetooth as a means of communication. Also has a SD card reader, which I imagine that it will give us a bit of storage for more complex applications…

The departure date is in a few months, but already I’ll be bothering to get one Guiño

Lego brick mindstorm ev3

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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