[#WINDOWS8] HowTo: Debugging a app in Win8 ARM with Visual Studio 2012 #VS2012



What’s Windows 8 ARM is a little more complicated than it seems. Initially it seems to only change the mode of compilation of X 86 or X 64 to ARM, however the road you find details that will brighten up the day.

Note: details or pufos, as it sounds better I save them for another post.

As well. When you have an application in ARM, the best way to find out that goes with it is………… debugging! (or debuggeando depending on how much you’ve decided to destroy the language of Cervantes). The problem is that you can not install Visual Studio 2012 in ARM (for now) ;) But yes you can install a remote debugger on a Windows 8 ARM and then connect to it to be able to debug.

The first thing we have to do is download the Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 from here . As you can see in the following picture, we have options for x 86, x 64 and ARM.


Once you copy the software to our Windows 8 ARM (or WinRT ARM from now), we can launch the installer at Windows 8 ARM and see access to the tool on the menu of WinRT.


From this moment, the remote debugger now works as previous versions of Remote Debugger. On the one hand we have an option for port configuration, however more complicated is the issue of authentication. If you are working in a domain, as it is likely that by default authentication is integrated, the best thing to do is to disable authentication on the Remote Debugging and from ports there will not have connection problems.

Well done!, now only is select the Remote Machine option in the launch of an application ofWindows 8 .


At this time we define the IP or the name of our Windows 8 ARM and can already connect to the device. Deploy, run and debug in the same way we do on WinTel!


Another interesting option is the select one of the applications installed on the device and launch, attach and debug it.


By the way, Remote Debugging tools are free Risa

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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One thought on “[#WINDOWS8] HowTo: Debugging a app in Win8 ARM with Visual Studio 2012 #VS2012”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for blogging about this. My one suggestion is that you keep Windows authentication turned on as this is much safer, unless you know everybody connected to your network. In Visual Studio 2012, we have eliminated the connection problems related to the authentication mode, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

    Brad Sullivan
    Program Manager – Visual Studio Debugger


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