[#TOOLS] HowTo: Share the desktop without #LYNC, #SKYPE, etc.



sharing the desktop tools there are many. In Avanade use LYNC and clear, when are you talking about with someone with two clicks you can share your desktop in various ways. Your primary monitor, secondary, both, etc.


If the conversation is with someone from outside, because I personally prefer SKYPE. Again with two clicks you can share your desktop very easily.


Some will be thinking, ‘he proposes all Microsoft products‘. Because if LYNC is very well and on SKYPE I am not going to speak since, although bought it MS a while ago, it is still one of the best platforms for IM that there is.

, And what happens when your partner is a 13 year old boy who does not want to create a Skype account and what is obviously not on the corporate network of ? Avanade do ?; there are several options. In this case, chat or video call is usually through Facebook (obviously!), and to share the desktop you have to use something very simple.

I for some time I use Join.me a service that in free format allow 4 people to connect to a Shared Desktop session. The interesting thing is that once installed, when you share the Desktop, you do so through a link, and can share control, choose the monitor to share, etc. We go to that specific cases gives you one possibility to take into account… Guiño.

´Homepage: https://join.me/

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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