[#TFS] Team Foundation Server Word AddIn released!



great news to close the week. If you’re like me, and the issue of the documentation it hurts in the marrow of the bones, because the AddIn for Word that freed the Rangers ALM, you can relieve the day. The operation is very simple, is based on two premises:

-generate a word from WorkItem Tracking information document in Team Foundation Server

-Edit the templates for generating documents

Impressive! And for stock, a chicken Risa.

We have a new tab on the Ribbon for the selection of the WIQ from where the WorkItems will be removed


And the template editor which is also the most useful.


Homepage: http://vsarword4tfs.codeplex.com/

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2012/10/04/alm-rangers-ship-the-first-version-of-team-foundation-server-word-add-in.aspx

Saludos @ Footer

El Bruno

image image image

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