[#GIT] Starting with #Git



playing of complete chip today and change to point a couple of materials for all those who want to start working with GIT . If you ask me by my experience with GIT, because I have to admit that I have used it only for testing and some Open Source project to contribute to any line of code.But I’ve never used it in the real world.

Disclaimer: I mean when I talk about the real world, using it on a project with a team of at least 5 people, all work where as dwarfs in a mine and GIT is our peak and our scoop of each day. More than one knows of disgust that gives me the people who speaks, believes and contributes to the communities after making a “Hello World”. More disgust give me that after the “Hello World” as they are experts in the field.

But good to what would, today asked me about how to work with GIT . As we now have it available for work and deploy sites in AZURE, also as an option in CodePlex, because a technology that if not know, then you should consider is to start with she.

I first thing I did was get the book “PRO “ GIT “, which you can watch online in “ http://git-SCM.com/book . You can also buy the hard copy from Amazon. For €19 really worth.


And if you prefer videos, as the friends of GitHub , creators of one of the most likeable logos for developers: the OCTOCAT !, as they have some great tutorials onhttp://learn.github.com/p/intro.html

So you know, there is no excuse for not concer GIT (especially because soon… because there are interesting developments for the scene of MS developers lol)


Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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