[#VS2012] Launch event for Visual Studio 2012 (asface-to-face event? lets see…)



If you do not live within a faraday cage surely you’ll already be aware of the final version ofWindows 8 is already finished (is in RTM mode) and that also have dropped all other parts of the domino, Windows 8 Server, .net Framework 4.5, something of AZURE , etc etc etc and the last etc what we care about is that it is ready also (or almost) > > Visual Studio 2012.

But well, as August is a sad month for the northern hemisphere, it coincides with summer and these things, since the official launch will be on September 12, 2012. Can registarte and see the following link for more details


The good thing about this release is that you can enjoy the face-to-face mode: If you’re Seattle gives you a tour of the offices of Redmond and insurance that give away you something. And we also have virtual mode where the cracks of the product team will present to the new and horriblerenewed Visual Studio 2012 worldwide.


By the way, from MadridDotNet , the Madrid .net user group, we are thinking about doing an event in those days to participate in the launch. We are fortunate that many people, good, those who know, those who serve and the undersigned has pointed out. So if we tiempio and we can arrange, may have something to tell live Madrid.




Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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